Sunday, May 1, 2016

A Little Catch Up With Photos

I was determined to get some things finished up and accomplished these past couple days. and I did-always a good feeling for me-especially when I am dragging with up and down weather that gets to my allergies.

  I had mentioned in my last post how much I am really enjoying spinning this long wool blend. Here is 110 yards on the niddy noddy after being soaked with some water and let set to dry and set the twist. I am pleased with this although it is still singles but I can still weave with it nicely.
   This is a new niddy noddy that I didn't think I would want since it is made out of plastic. I found these on ebay from a seller that sold these 2 yard ones and 1 yard with lots of color choices. The ones I had made are not holding together since they get wet with each use-the glue doesn't hold and they are not staying together enough to use without glue. So after using this one I really love it and bought one more.
  (note click on photos to enlarge)

I made up some pillows from the two embroidered blocks that didn't fit in my quilt, homespun fabrics, and a piece of fabric with fishing frogs that I fell in love with. They were all completed except for hand sewing them closed-so just finished that this afternoon.

Late yesterday afternoon I started on my fleece blanket project for my baseball team KC Royals. I ended up working on it til 11 pm and got up this morning and finished it up-love it and it is so warm and cozy. I only wish I could watch more of the games-this is StLouis Cardinals territory so no Royals broadcasts here. I need to look into getting a radio that would work out here in the woods and draw in the game. we also have no live streaming here being so rural.

and lastly I took this cute photo of a squirrel enjoying one of the oranges I quartered and put out for the wildlife. I had to put out a whole bag since they ended up being all bad-but the fox and others love these.

Happy May Day everyone!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Good morning Wednesday Spinning and Welcoming a New Blog Friend

   Wow we finally got some good rain last nite-minus the bad storms-we have so needed some rain here.

   I planted a few seeds in my little garden and watered them in. A couple pole beans, soybeans, cucumbers and dwarf sunflowers and nasturiums so far; a couple days before the rain.
   My plastic jug greenhouses with the sweet peppers and my tomatoes are not doing as well as they did last year. We had a couple weeks of lows in the 20s and also many cloudy days too. I may have to break down and buy a couple of paste-canning tomato plants if I can catch a sale. I was going to plant more seeds but I think I will be running out of time to get them in the garden.

   Around the 15th of this month we saw two hummingbirds but no more until late yesterday when we saw 8 at the feeders. I have put three feeders out but only put a little nectar in them. I was beginning to wonder if our group got delayed on their way here. Hoping to see allot more soon.

(photo will enlarge just click on it)  as you can see I am still spinning singles but yesterday I did start to work out some little issues I was having. This bobbin of yarn is now on a niddy noddy and I am spinning more-and it is starting to look like I got it down so I can ply it-maybe lol

   I started spinning some long wool that I bought on ebay and loved it so much I went back and bought more-lol Here is a link to the seller-Christina's shop Meanders Mercantile whom I highly recommend if you are looking for lovely usa wool roving to spin. I also wanted to introduce you to her and her new blog :Ways, Means, and Meanderings. We got to chatting and I learned she is a "farmgirl" at heart. In her new blog she will be sharing recipes and more-do stop by and welcome her to blogging.

   The sun is starting to shine here so I need to get off of here and get something accomplished-spinning perhaps, or I made three pillows that need to be stitched up closed-they turned out really nice, or I bought some polyester flannel material to make a comfy blanket of my KC Royals baseball team. I don't think I want to tie it, I also saw a way to braid the edges which I don't think I want either-so I may just sew up the two pieces together-turn and then stitch down the edges-and perhaps quilt around in spots to keep it together more-not sure yet-lol

Have a good day everyone!


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