Monday, September 22, 2014

Apple Juice Canned & More Wild Mushrooms Found

I was pleased with today's work-I prepared the apples for the juicer, then juiced the apples, and canned up 7 quarts with a glass left over to drink 
     Over 30 years ago we bought a champion juicer-best on the market in my opinion-you can process a glass at a time or bushels at a time-the set up and clean up is so easy-love it-I don't know if these are still made in the USA but if so they are just the best for juicing large amounts. They have an industrial motor.

Hubby just got back with more coral mushrooms-they are gorgeous and plentiful this fall. I said he could gather one more bag and he brought back 2-lol  Also more trumpets (chanterels)-those only show up every 5-7 years here so we grab them when we see em-and these are really a delicacy and can up really nice too. I also like to saute them in butter, cool down and then freeze-they hold up really well in the freezer-taste like fresh when you use them

The trumpets are a little less prep work than the corals but it is already after 3pm now so don't think I am up to another 5 to 6 hour task. Yesterday was a 12 hour day so I better slow it down a bit. lol

Off to finish cleaning up the kitchen and figure out what to do for supper.

Are you ready for the Voice and Sleepy Hollow to return??

Happy First Day of Autumn and Giveaway Results

I will have to say this is the absolute lowest turn out for one of my giveaways-so I guess you all are getting bored with them-lol  This giveaway was to help promote my new Seller's and Artist Blog here on Blogger. 

I thought I would post here in case the winners are not following my other blog.

Since I only had a small handful-3 to sign up I will send you each a little something in the coming week. So if Gene, Barbara of Pineland Treasures, and Carol in Missouri would send me your address again I will get a little something from my shop in the mail to you. Those of you that quilt and sew would prefer one of my hand dyes let me know.

I do still have in the running a free bar of soap for my 25th follower in my seller blog-see link in left sidebar.

I have been busy busy with canning applesauce and wild mushrooms over the weekend. More to can up this week. I will be canning the delicate chanterele or trumpet mushrooms next, a few more coral mushrooms and more apples. So a busy week ahead.

I need to rinse out the rest of my alpaca fibers that were dyed with pokeberry too. I did rinse out the wool fabric piece-and really wierd on that one; after much rinsing-all the pretty dye just washed right out I ended up with a molted brown color. So there must have been something on the fibers that the synthropal soap did not remove. It will work fine for applique though. I washed the handful of alpaca fibers that were beige in color and I lost very little color. So I will show photos once I get the rest all rinsed out and dried. This color is a little different-has a little orange showing through-really love it.

Enjoy your week!


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