Saturday, September 20, 2014

Busy Busy Here-Alpaca Dyed with Pokeberry, Apples Picked, and Wild Coral Mushrooms Too

I finished up the pokeberry dye pot this morning. If interested more about it here

We just got back from picking apples at a neighbors. We picked a bucket full for the deer and Mr L's horse, and we picked 4 buckets full for me to make into applesauce and perhaps a pie-we'll see about the pie lol  I think my bad hand can handle cutting these into quarters better than peeling them. They are perfect since the owner did not spray them but they are pretty nice considering.

Yesterday Mr L brought a huge bag over of the wild coral mushrooms-these are excellent eating fresh, but also excellent canned so I will be doing that this weekend too-I gave about half of them away to our neighbor that gave us the apples, and the guys will be going out later today to hopefully pick more-I need allot to make setting up the canner worth it.

This will be a glorious last weekend of summer too-in the 80s and perhaps just a little rain coming in tonight.

Have an awesome weekend!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Happy Thursday and Sharing Other's Etsy Shops

  Good morning everyone. Much needed rain arrived here yestereday. The day before I finished pulling all the spent tomato plants etc, just need to pull the pole beans, and I still have pretty flowers blooming around the edges near the fence-zinnias, marigolds and nasturums. 
     I had purchased a bag of lime in the spring that didn't get put out so I spread that all over the garden and then started using up the last of the compost-got one side done. So the rain came at a perfect time to soak in the lime for next year's garden.

   I am still working on getting enough pokeberry stems and berries to dye another batch of wool. I have collected 15 ounces now but need double or triple that to make it worth the 2 day process and the long cooking times. I have one large plant in the back food plot that is mostly all green so I go back and check every couple days or so. Mr L also has a plant that is mostly green too.

  Next big project is getting our firewood in-this is getting more difficult as we get older-we just have be more careful, work at a slower pace and I am thinking only 2 hours at a time tops.

   I have done more swapping for my etsy items and other's wonderful handmade items-I will be sharing soon.

   I also wanted to share some of my blog readers Etsy shops, I will be sharing more shops in the future. Go here to read about them and to visit. Also next Monday my giveaway will be drawn-and sadly I only have about 3 people in the draw-so if interested go to above link and then look at August's posts to find the giveaway.

   Enjoy your Thursday.



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